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Hotel policy:
  • No charges! All children of up to 3 years of age can stay free-of-charge if they sleep on the bed with adults or in their own crib. No charges! Children from 4 to 12 years are accommodated free of charge if they sleep in the current bed, breakfast cost 50% of the price. All older children are treated as adults. 
  • Pets are not accepted.

Payment options:

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Offer includes:

  • accommodation in comfortable rooms
  • unlimited access to the internet for free
  • free parking or garage
  • bottle of mineral water in the room
  • hotel cosmetics
  • free Canal + TV channels, Canal + Sport, Canal + Film

Services additionally payable:

  • Use of dry and steam sauna
  • minibar
  • breakfast

Detailed information will provide the reception desk: tel. +48 22 814 23 00



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